"Bleisure" Events

Bleisure! The idea of mixing business with pleasure or should I say...LEISURE is the trend of today and the future for the event and meeting world!  Meeting and event planners need to be aware of this continued trend as it is gaining more and more traction and popularity in the live event world.  So, WHAT IS BLEISURE?  In short, it is the idea that we must select "attractive, note-worthy" destinations for events/meetings. Eventgoers are looking for the latest and greatest, most cutting-edge experiences no matter where they go! They are coming early and staying late for the meetings and events they are attending. Pre and post experiences for meetings/events is what they are looking for in their next business trip. Gone are the days of get in and get out of town as fast as possible as most of us do throughout the year.

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In a society that is eaten up with instant gratification, the importance of "see what I am doing and where I am doing it" continues to be King!  People want to be seen. People want to be seen in unique environments. People want to post pictures and videos so they can gain the most LIKES/LOVES and social media comments possible!  And destination is not enough on its own...experiences are where it is at!  These attendees want something different....no tours, no boat rides...stretch your mind based on your venue and get creative. Canned experiences that "everyone" can enjoy won't do the trick.

 Millennial and Gen X generations want more, and it is up to us to provide it to them. Brand managers, marketing gurus and event professionals are working tirelessly to create the personalized and over-sensitized experiences that will be tweeted, posted and videoed instantly.  Do not underestimate the importance that these two generations have in the future of events. They are tech savvy, highly sensitized, personal branding geniuses that are well educated in areas of their choosing and they will one day be running our world, and that day is almost here!  These are the people you want at your events as they will hit up every social media outlet possible in an effort to share with the world WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND WHERE THEY ARE DOING IT!  They have taken networking to a level that other generations marvel at...maybe not understand or appreciate, but marvel at!  So how does this relate to our industry and the events/meetings that we are planning? Well...here are a few ways that this continuing trend will help you to plan your next event!Image result for adventure selfies

Selecting a Destination - Don't take this selection lightly. You need to find your PURPOSE! There is a reason/purpose for your meeting/event. There is a purpose for why you want the attendees to come to your event. Whether education, incentive, networking, product launches, etc....your event has a PURPOSE and once you figure that out, you can then begin figuring out which destination works best with your purpose.  You will have to do your research, reach out to Event Planners, DMCs, CVBs and those that know their areas.  Find out the trending locations for events and meetings and find out WHY they are trending.  What is best for your event may not be what was best for your friends’ event last month, even if the location "looked cool" or was brand new. These things are only important if they match the purpose of your program.

Pre and Post Experiences - The attendees are wanting this "bleisure" type experience where they can mix their leisure and business time together for some live action fun! They crave something to kick off their meeting or event experience in a way that is unique and new to them. Offer these off-property experiences at a discounted group rate which will then attract your attendees and raise your registration numbers!  These generations are as much about impulse purchases as they are about doing something outrageous and "post-worthy".  Post event experiences are also very popular. After a long week of meetings, education, etc give them something to look forward to whether related to your industry or something out of the ordinary. Heighten their experience with something unexpected so it leaves them posting and tweeting non-stop about their experience at your event/meeting!

Image result for honey jar favorsPersonalize the Experience - If you haven't already been a part of this trend, start today! Personalization is key to the bleisure trend. Attendees want not only personalized giveaways, but also personalized experiences.  Throughout your event/meeting find ways to personalize the experience with smaller groups, unique touch points, interactive and up-close experiences and exhibits. A good trick that our team uses is to work with the 5 senses.  You want your attendees to feel it, smell it, see it, taste it and hear it. when you use all of the 5 senses, it sends a more powerful message and a more memorable one!  When you are creating the after-hour experiences and evening events, it is best to find locations and experiences that allow those personalized messages to be enhanced and continued throughout the course of the program.

 Our CREATE team works hard to be sure that guests have uniquely designed experiences that take the goal or PURPOSE of the event into consideration throughout our planning and design process. This process has led us to incredible and topical guest speakers, well known opening acts for general sessions, specific color palettes and textures for lighting, scent machines infusing the air, and other immersive components.  Live action entertainment, high energy sound and thought-provoking decor create these interactive experiences that get the attendees talking, sharing and looking forward to coming to next years' event!

Written by Nicole Hernandez, Owner


Cirque Awards Banquet - April 23rd, 2019

The most exciting words a client can say is "we have a large event coming up and we want to blow this event out of the water!"  Our designer, Nicole Hernandez was thrilled to hear these words as she was then told the theme would be Cirque for this upcoming event. From that moment, the ideas started to develop. As with many themes, they can take on a number of directions and styles. But this particular event had a specific feel to it that had to come through in every aspect.  Our designer created a Tim Burton-esque inspired cirque theme with a bit of mystery, intrigue and excitement all rolled into one. With over 1200 people in attendance, the decor needed to be bold, sophisticated, vibrant and of course celebratory as we were celebrating so many wonderfully talented people and their service to their company.
Entertainment was key! Partnering with only the best entertainers in the area we worked hard to ensure that every element of entertainment and performance art had the POW Factor. We wanted the entertainment to be unexpected and jaw dropping. Using an 18ft tall SWAY performer that soared through the registration area to the Living Red Carpet performer that was the perfect fit for photo opportunities, these performers had the guests talking and waiting for what was next beyond the draped entrance way.
The decor was very bold in colors with a pallet of black and white stripes paired with jewel-toned color accents. The reception area started off with a grand entrance of towering 16ft tall draping in black and white with scalloped swags in jewel-toned pieces. Once inside, the guests were in for some delicious and surprising treats. POPCORN! COTTON CANDY!  We had it all. Our live performers traveled around the room with metal skirts and costumed completely covered in colorful cotton candy. A ring master performer handed out bags of popcorn to guests as they entered the event. The room was alive with the energy coming from Jared our electric violinist filling the air with unwavering sounds of cirque. And to create a focal point in the reception room, our Lollipop Lyra performer shared her talents of contortion with each guest as the was 12ft high on a lighted hoop performing for all to enjoy!
The transition from the reception room to the dining room was of course in true mysterious style as guests walked through a smoke screen with projected gobo from one room to the other, provided by the AV team. Once in the room, unique lighting including projection pattern lights brought the room to life as it fully illuminated the decor.  The main ballroom included nine (9) uniquely designed centerpieces within the theme from cotton candy, bird cages, carousels, ring of fire, cirque tickets and ringmaster top hats all with vibrant colored florals, feathers and candle elements. Clear chivari chairs and exquisite alternating glass chargers were all the components that created the stunning table designs all atop black pintuck linens. The AV team did an extraordinary job creating the perfect backdrop for the stage in black and white drape with LED screens at alternating heights to project unique images throughout the night, giving the room an ever-changing design. Entertainment from stilt walkers, aerialists, contortionists and so much more, took the stage to create a never-ending show of talents throughout the awards ceremony.
This event experience is one that the guests will not soon forget as all of the finest details were tended to with the utmost respect to the design and the theme. We are so proud to present to you.....A night at Cirque!

Step into a world that will light up your senses!