Planning an office party can be a lot of fun but there are some important things to keep in mind in order to keep the fun in the event and avoid any issues that can arise from failure to think through the details. From food choices, venue locations, time of the event, beverage selection and more, planners need to be prepared in order to make this event a memorable occasion for all in the best possible way!

#1 Venue Selection

Think about your guests….Attendees want a venue that is centrally located with easy parking. Employees don’t want to go to a location that is a hassle to drive to with high amounts of traffic or locations where parking is something they have to worry about or pay for onsite. The venue selection should be well thought out as it is the first part of creating the perfect event!

#2 Food Choices

Most companies have a wide range of employees from different ethnicity and cultures. When planning the food, be sure to take your attendees into consideration. Do they have food allergies, restrictions, or religious restrictions that are important to know about ahead of time? Selecting foods that match your attendees personal style will allow them to feel welcome and at home at the party. Be careful to select food options that compliment your audience and not make them feel that the food is too fancy or difficult to eat. Having a wide selection of proteins and vegetarian option is always the way to go. Guests do love interactive stations where they are in control of the options on their plate. Talk with your caterer about creative ways to do execute this idea.

#3 Decor

Themed holiday parties can be a lot of fun. Always be sure to be aware of any religious or cultural restrictions or faux pas that you want to avoid so your guests always feel at home at your event. It is always fun to put a new spin on a traditional event….perhaps Holiday in the tropics, Upside-down holidaze, Wacky Tacky Holiday and color schemes that may be unexpected for a welcomed change.

#4 Entertainment

Be sure that your holiday musical choices are less religious and more mainstream in style as you never want anyone feeling out of place. Also, holiday music can be fun but also not something that most people want to hear all night long. Mixing in holiday music with fun dance music and other melodies is often the way to go. Don’t feel you are only stuck with musical acts either. Strolling entertainment such as magicians, living buffet tables and strolling carolers could be the perfect stand out entertainment for your event!


#5 Beverages

It is the responsibility of the company to be sure all employees are aware of the alcoholic beverage policy that must be followed. Companies do not want to be held accountable should employees drink a bit too much but in the end, it is the company hosting that party. Ways around the “drinking game” are drink tickets, beer and wine/specialty drink only, open bar for 1 hour and then cash bar, etc. All of these tricks will assist in making sure people are not over-served allowing guests to have a great time responsibly.